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I am the owner of a 60 unit apartment complex in Oceanside, CA. Recently I had issues with one of my employees not performing her duties as well as her poor attitude towards co-workers and residents. Since I did not know how to proceed with a reprimand, I hired Gregory A. Hayes, Human Resources Consultant to help with this matter. Gregory handled the situation extremely professional, and as a result I was able to terminate this employee legally and without any problems.

Gregory was always there for me when I had any questions or concerns. He always answered my emails, calls and texts in a timely manner. He is very positive and very easy to talk to. He has a wonderful personality that even the employee that he was reprimanding felt comfortable talking with him. The way in which Gregory advised and guided me minimized the overall risk to my company as we ended up terminating the employee.

I would highly recommend Gregory with any Human Resources concerns that you may have.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions regarding Gregory and his company.

Janice M. Ganan, Owner

When I started my business over ten years ago we did not have the resources to hire an in-house HR expert. Gregory was recommended to us from a colleague and became the perfect fit for our business. He was able to set us up from employee handbooks, to employee applications, and trainings for our supervisors on how to conduct an interview. He is our go-to for any employee issues, and whenever we have a question or employee concern he is responsive, thorough and informed. Gregory is very proactive and often contacts us to ensure we are compliant with ever changing HR regulations. He is also an amazing coach and trainer. Gregory pays attention to an important aspect of my business that I have very little knowledge about but is so essential in keeping us a healthy and prospering business.

Deb Callahan, Owner/Director of Networx

“I have reached out to Gregory Hayes for his Human Resources expertise and guidance for over 10 years. He provides wise counsel with deliberate and thoughtful personalization of his recommendations. He stays on top of our needs, and initiates important updates that keep us compliant with the ever-changing requirements and legislations. I recommend Gregory above all other HR experts with whom I have been associated.”

Betty J. Mohlenbrock, M.Ed., Founder & President

“Having Gregory’s experience, objectivity and understanding of complicated and sensitive human resouce issues has helped us mitigate our risk as an employer and focus on our business.”

Renee Fannin, President & CEO Lynn & Darla Supported Living

“My role as Human Resource Manager at Worldtrans Services, a freight-forwarding logistics company in San Diego, California with 50 employees. Gregory was our Human Resource Specialist and assisted us with employee liability issues, performance management, supervisory training along with very complex employee relations issues.”

Beverly Rensfield, Human Resource Manager, SPHR

“We have worked with Gregory Hayes over five years and he has assisted us many Human Resource decisions. No situation is too difficult knowing that Gregory is here to assist us. We feel confident that he will partner with us on our Human Resource needs and guide our business in the right direction.”

Nicholas Aguilera, President Diego and Son Printing, Incorporated

I have had the pleasure of partnering with Gregory Hayes for my human resource needs for my company for nine years. Gregory has provided great training and ongoing support to my leadership team regarding employment issues. Gregory has vast knowledge on employment issues and keeps my agency updated and in compliance. We are so grateful to have Gregory as a part of our team.

Kimberly Mills, M.Ed., CEO/Owner

I have worked with Gregory as head of two different corporations in the last 10 years.
Mr. Hayes’ professionalism and ability to present complex labor law in an understandable manner has saved me valuable time and resources in dealing with personnel issues, both negative and positive.
Gregory’s ability to see potential situations and his continuing education on ever changing labor laws are indispensable to a smooth running corporation or company of any size.
Gregory Hayes Consulting is a welcome addition to the my company’s field of Social Services.

Robert Steffenhagen, Director/Co-Owner Athena Day programs